Reconnaissance aircraft Albatros BI


Main Cautions

The model belongs to a rather difficult model. Before gluing get familiar with the booklet, assembly drawings and the models construction.

Elements marked   * should be glued properly:   

*   sketch pad    

 **  cardboard 0,5 mm   

 *** cardboard 1 mm

      -roll tightly

     -roll into a pipe

   -to the front

     W – cut out


The patterns are to be made in you own free time from wire or foil PCV, make 1 item. All the edges and unprinted surfaces should be painted with properly chosen colours. Use the rule.  „TRY ON THREE TIMES AND THEN GLUE”



The models build:

Begin the build of the model from gluing the skeleton was well as the inside part of the fuselage. Cut out pieces in pieces 1A and 1F which are marked with a circle with a cross, through which wires will be put to strengthen the wings and the axle piece 17. Grind the finished element properly, especially the nose. Glue the cabins equipment, the set of pieces 3 should be glued onto the pilots left side. Glue the rudder bar onto the marked space on the floor. Paint piece 5 grey, steering gear balck, you can cover it with white thread. Glue the instrument board as according to the drawings and glue on the printed spaces. The clocks should all be made glazed , to which you should use thin foil. Glue the compass to the pilots right side. Glue the seats in the proper spaces, cut out holes. When the cabins inside is finished, glue the cabins outside as well as its equipment. Piece 12C should be glued to the cabins openings. First bend piece 12C, then straightenit and then glue as according to the drawing, it is not easy but when the element is finished will give a great effect. Glue piece 14 . Next the properly profiled nose, glue to the fuselage and the engines shiled. Glue piece 16 to the marked space. Glue the pusher piece 17AB to piece 17 which is glued into the fuselage, piece 17 paint grey. Make the tail assembly as according to the drawing, CAUTION through the stabilizer fins go cords , so openings must be cut out earlier. Paint piece 19K grey. Make the tail skid as according to the drawing, paint piece 20 grey. Pieces 20 and 20B should be wraped up with white thread. Glue the undercarriage as according to the drawing. Glue into the leg strengthening wires. Similarly as with the tail skid you must make the shock absorbers from white thread. Glue the brakes to the center of the axles and make cords from openings in the fuselage. The wheels should be stuffed. Pieces 23 and 23A should be grinded so they will be similar to a wheel. Make the cooler as a reflection and glue to the sides of the fuselage. Make the engine as according to the assembly drawings. Piece 25I make two reflections and paint grey. Paint the exhaust pipes black. The electric installation should be made in your own free time. Glue the finished engine to the marked space in the engines chamber. Glue set of pieces 28 as according to the drawing. Glue to the angle struts strengtherning wire. The fuel tank fix to piece 28B, piece 29C paint grey and piece 29E red. First glue the bottom and then the top aerofoils. The wings should have a full ribbening, it will strengthen the construction, and when gluing the aerofoils sheathing you should slightly imprint the ribs. Piece 32 should be glued to the outside and 32A to the remaining parts. Glue the angle struts 32C which should be in front and 32D in the back, the angle struts should be strengthened with wires. The ailerons should be glued in the marked spaces. Make the propeller as according to the drawings, it should turn around the axle. In the end make the rigging , and the ready model varnish with colourless matt varnish.