MORANE-SAULNIER MS. 406                            6/2006




Before gluing get familiar with the main plan of the model and the assembly drawing. Each drawing forms a complete group of numbered pieces, necessary for workmanship. Pieces marked by a * glue on a cardboard with a thickness of about 0,5 mm, **glue on a cardboard with the thickness of 1mm. We use a rule of matching pieces together „on dry”, try on twice- then glue. While gluing the fuselage check the symmetry of its gluingness. The thickness and length of wire should be picked ou, the shape should be performer by the given pattern. Places not printed, cut curbs, scratches  etc., paint with waterless or other in suitable colours.





Begin the build of the model from gluing the body with the control surfaces from elements 1-13 as showed in drawings 1, 2, and 3. If you choose to make the built-up of the cabins inside glue elements K1-K9 to piece 1 as showed in drawing 4. The stabilizer fin and the rudder make from pieces: 5 (stabilizer fin), 6 (tail plane), 7 (rudder-omit in the simple version and element 7a glue into piece 5 which is simplified in the joinings of the stabilizer and the rudder), 8 (elewator- omit in the simple version), 9 (tail planes angle strut) as showed in the drawings 5, 6 and 20. If you choose to make the full mock-up of the engine, finish the body with gluing onto piece 10 piece 10b, omiting piece 10a.




Begin the build of the wings from gluing the skeleton from piece 14 as showed in drawing 7. If you choose to make the version with movable flaps and airlerons, in piece 14b you must cut off the back. Glue piece 14c’ to the back back of piece 14c. From pieces 16,17 nad 18 (the ends of the wings should be cut to the thickness of 2 mm as showed in drawing 7) make the wings sheathing, to which you glue the skeleton fitting it only to the lover sheathings surface. At this stage glue the sheathings openings-piece 15(as showed in drawing 10), glue elements 16a and 16b(as showed in drawing 9) as well as flaps and airlerons (as showed in drawing 8, if you choose to make the elements movable). Next glue the upper surface and glue wings to the body, glue piece 21 as showed in drawing 20. Glue elements 22 to the bottom float surface (16) as showed in drawing 9. Make the glicol cooler from elements 23 as showed in drawing 9, you can fit it in three ways: slipping (glue into the opening 16 and 16b), pulling out (glue to the opening with the help of pattern S9) and movable (make the mechanizm on your own with the help of pattern S9)




The undercarriages wheel make from elements 24 a-b,c and patterns S10, S11, S12. From elements 24d,e,f,g  patterns S13, S14, S15 and S15b make the mechanizm which will hide the undercarriage as showed in drawing 10. You can make the breaks and plumber wiring (as showed in drawing X and Y).The undercarriages wheel make as showed in drawing 11 from element 25. Make the back skid from elements 26 and pattern S16 as showed in drawing 12.




Make the propeller from elements 27 as showed in drawing 13. The movableness of the propeller can be made in your own way or described by the author. The propellers axle in the simple version glue with cyano-acryle glue to piece 13a, next glue onto the glued axle pieces 27a,b,c,d,e. Next cut off the excess of the wires and glue gently the resistance. Next glue the cap (27) –it Gould be good to use glue which does not dry too fast. Next glue the propellers blades keeping between them angle of 120 degrees.

The exhaust pipes make as showed in drawing 14 from pattern S17. It would be good to paint it with a  rusty colour.

The pilots cabin fairing make as showed in drawing 15 from elements 28, 28a, 28b, 28c, 28d, 28e, between the elements glue transparent foil.

The antenna element 29, the unedrcarriages leg flaps 30, pilots pipe 31 glue as showed in drawing 20. The air-intake 32 glue as showed in drawing 14.




If you choose to make the mock-up of the negine then finish the build of the body from element 10. Next glue together the engine mount from elements E24-E28 as showed in drawing 16.  The length of element ES2 (a 0,6mm wire) choose so that element E28 would be perpendicular to frame 10b. The engine and the gun 20mm make as showed in drawing 17, 18, 19. The guns barrel make from a doctors needle 1,2 mm, it comes through elements of the transmission and the propellers axle. From the proper frames and part of piece 11, 12 and 13 make the built-up of the bodies front or you can leave the engine revealed. You can also add many different instalations in the engines chamber as well as in the pilots cabin. While finishing add the gunsight made from pattern S18.