The model is considered rather difficult. Before gluing, get familia with the main plan of the model and the assembly drawing. . During the gluing you should retouch the edges with the properly choosen colour. Pieces marked * should be glued to 0,5-0,7 mm cardboard.Pieces marked with the letter P should be glued similarly as pieces marked with letter L. While gluing the fuselage check the symmetry of its gluingness. Places not printed, cut curbs, scratches, etc. paint with waterless paint  or other suitable colours. After gluing the model paint with colourless and half matt varnish to make the construction more resistant from damage and much easier to clean from dust. Use the rule of  matching pieces together “on dry”, try on twice-then glue. While gluing the body pay attention to the symmetry.



The bodies assembling.


Begin the build of the model from gluing pilots cabin skeletonas showed in the assembly drawing 1,2,3. From the bottom of the skeleton fit in the undercarriages cavity piece 1f (colour to the inside). From the top of the skeleton fit the side veneers- piece 2b, gluing to its egdes frames 2c and 2d. Glue the cabins equipment. Pieces 3,3a,3b glue as showed in drawing 5. The ready element glue in the marked space of the side panel. Glue piece 4 onto cardborad and glue in the marked space on the side panel. The bar- piece 5, 5a glue as showed in drawing 3 . The remaining elements of the equipment glue as showed in drawing 3. The pilots armchair glue as showed in drawing 4. When ready, glue it in the marked space onto piece 2. From the inside of the cabin, onto piece 1a glue the instrument board  pieces 12 and 12a. Over the ready cabin glue pieces 14 and 15.(CAUTION!!!On this stage of the build you should make the workload in the front upper part of the skeleton to help the airplane from not falling at the back). As showed in the assembly drawing 7 fit the air intake to the engine. Next over it glue piece 17c( colour to the inside). The ready element glue to piece 1d. The entire piece glue to piece 16. Glue segment 18. At this stage choose whether you want to make the mock-up of the engine or without it. To the second situation you should pay attention to drawing 10, in which you must cut out pieces marked grey-it regards to the hump piece 49, as well as segment 32. Piece 20a glue as a pipe and glue the colour to the inside (drawing 14). In the marked space glue frame 21, the entire piece glue to piece 32. The next segments glue as showed in the drawing 8. The stabilizer fin glue as showed in drawing 8 and 9. The tail plane glue as showed in drawing 9. Piece 45 glue in the marked space.


The engines assembling.


Glue the engine as showed in drawing 11, 12, 13. Glue elements into a ring showed in the drawing. Glue onto piece 28 earlier made elements 30 and 30b. From each of them are set off elements showed on drawing 13. You should properly bend them on the earlier prepared pattern. Elements L1,L2 glue together to form a ring and glue over the cylinder (look drawing 10). CAUTION!!! Glue the engine to the body before gluing to it segment 32 in order to make work much easier later on. Pieces 31, 31a glue only after gluing all of the bodies segments, putting it from the back-piece 36.


The wings assembling.


Glue the wings skeleton as showed in drawing 15 and 16. In the space of the undercarriages cavity fit piece 53P,L –colour to the inside. Fix the undercarriages fitting- drawing 18. Over the ready skeleton glue piece 60- drawing 18. The airlerons elements glue using drawing 15. Piece 59 glue as according to drawing 17.


The undercarriages assembling.


The main undercarriages leg  glue as showed in drawing 20. The front undercarriages leg glue as showed in drawing 19. Make the leg as showed in drawing 20. Glue the fairing from pieces 50, 51 guing together.

The white edges should be retouched with proper paint, the model should be varnished with matt varnish to help the model from bending.